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Infographic: How brands can surf the information flood

Infographic: How brands can surf the information flood
Tuesday August 6 2013

With 90% of the world’s data generated in the last two years, how can brands make use of this rich source of consumer information without drowning in a flood of irrelevant information? This infographic from Evzdrop lookt at how to deal with the data deluge…

To show how much data is being shared (and to see what all that data means for businesses), Evzdrop created this infographic, according to which in just one minute...

• 347,000 tweets are shared.
• 510,000 Facebook comments are made.
• 5,100 Instagram photos are liked.
• 48 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.

With all that happening in just 60 seconds, many businesses feel overwhelmed by the data.

Some 97% of tweets aren't seen by businesses; 95% of all Facebook Wall posts aren't answered by brands; and only 44% of customer questions on Twitter are even answered within 24 hours.

"Staying on top of the massive amount of social content is like trying to drink from a fire hose," according to Evzdrop.