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Infographic: Top 20 mobile shopping cities in the UK

Infographic: Top 20 mobile shopping cities in the UK
Monday September 2 2013

eBay has plotted the top twenty locations where Brits are shopping with their mobile and has revealed Birmingham as the UK’s number one destination. Following Birmingham in pole position, the remaining top five locations are South London, Sheffield, Nottingham and Belfast.

According to eBay, clothes, shoes and accessories are the most popular items being snapped up on smartphones and tablets. Technology and motors are the next most popular product categories.

There are no signs of mobile shopping slowing down. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or both, mobile shoppers on eBay are highly engaged – the 21% of shoppers who shop on eBay across multiple devices such as mobile generate nearly half (44%) of global sales. eBay transacted $13billion globally in sales through mobile devices in 2012 – more than double that of 2011. In 2013 eBay expects $20 billion in mobile sales and one in three transactions to be touched by mobile.

Olivier Ropars, eBay commented: “Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important part in our everyday lives – they are always on, always with us and changing everything, including how we shop and pay. Today’s research shows the mobile opportunity for retailers is huge as shoppers across the country are embracing mobile shopping. Shoppers want convenience, speed and choice – they want to shop anytime, anywhere, on any device and retailers have to respond to how they are shopping.”