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80% of tablet use happens at home

80% of tablet use happens at home
Wednesday September 11 2013

Adobe has released the results from its global 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, in which it asked more than 3,000 mobile users in Europe and North America about how they use their mobile devices to surf the web and what they want most from their mobile experiences.

The results prove that a singular mobile strategy is no longer good enough.

Key findings include:

• 55% of Europeans reported preferring Android phones, with only 23% preferring iPhones

• Consumers said 80% of tablet use happens at home, and this is likely why tablet users spend more at online retailers than Smartphone users

• Consumers devote a significant amount of time to their tablets, with 26% using them daily between 1 to 4 hours, and 7% reporting more than 5 hours per day of usage

• For consumers who own both a smartphone and tablet, the primary device is still the smartphone (77%), but tablets are making strong headway as a primary device, up from 12% in 2012 to 23% in 2013

• A 60% average satisfaction rate for both websites and apps indicates a strong opportunity to improve experiences for mobile audiences, because 40% are neutral or not satisfied