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Online traders'must keep customer data secure'

Online traders'must keep customer data secure'
Friday August 19 2011

Online traders offering goods for parcel delivery need to ensure they keep their customer data safe.

That is according to Matthew Baxter-Reynolds, independent software development consultant with mobile solutions firm AMX Mobile, who highlighted encryption as the number one way to do so.

He said businesses have a "duty of care" to their customers and the data they collect from them and urged firms to talk to their IT partners to make sure it is kept secure.

"There are open source bits of software you can use. There's commercial software you can use," Mr Baxter-Reynolds explained.

The expert went on to point out that it is morally appropriate to keep sensitive data safely, but it is also a requirement under the jurisdiction of the Information Commissioners Office, which can fine organisations that are not deemed to be taking adequate security measures.

A recent poll carried out by money saving website found that more than 70 per cent of Britons are concerned about mobile retail security

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