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Mobile broadband has an important rural role

Mobile broadband has an important rural role
Friday August 19 2011

Mobile broadband will have a role to play in allowing shoppers in rural areas to buy items online for parcel delivery, an expert has suggested.

Speaking after the government announced plans to spend £530 million rolling out superfast internet connectivity to the countryside, telecoms analyst for Ovum Consulting Matthew Howett said access via mobile devices will still be important.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is set to sell off more frequencies when the analogue TV signals become obsolete, a move which will allow mobile connection options to increase.

"The benefit of those frequencies is that they travel far distances with relatively few base stations. It becomes a very attractive way of rolling out a network," he explained.

Satellite broadband will also come into play, the expert continued, once its cost starts to reduce.

In the end, there will be a role for all of these technologies, he concluded, saying: "We need a patchwork of solutions, whether it be a fixed fibre connection, a satellite connection or a mobile broadband connection.

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