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Touchscreens that customers can 'feel' are the future

Touchscreens that customers can 'feel' are the future
Friday August 19 2011

Smartphone users who order goods for parcel delivery via their handheld device may be interested to hear that they will be able to reach out and touch items using the screens of the future.

That is the opinion of Matt Brian, mobile editor for consumer technology blog, who said future technological advancements will enable touchscreens to incorporate haptic feedback.

Using this type of system, shoppers will be able to 'feel' individual elements on a completely flat surface, he explained.

Mr Brian went on to point out that the solution is not ready for mass-market development as yet, but it could change the way visually-impaired or blind people interact with their phone when it becomes available.

This is because it can give users "the opportunity to 'feel' the photos they are viewing or receive feedback from a virtual character in a game by stroking the screen or feeling for different patterns".

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