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Smartphone shopping has "room to grow"

Smartphone shopping has
Tuesday August 30 2011

Smartphone shopping is a trend that is in its early stages and has plenty of "room to grow", according to one leading online retail expert.

John Fetto, senior marketing manager at research specialist Experian Simmons, said that currently shopping on smartphones - and the subsequent demand for parcel delivery services - is only being used by a small fraction of the population, but this is set to change.

Speaking to Marketing Daily, Mr Fetto claimed that increasing the popularity of m-commerce will require more handsets to be sold.

"One of the things that has to be in place for that number to grow is that more smartphones need to be in more people's hands," he told the news provider.

He also believes that smartphones are no longer perceived as a luxury item and are becoming a consumer necessity - a shift that will boost mobile shopping and push up demand for delivery companies.

Recently, Juniper Research claimed that business marketing was gravitating towards mobile phone-based promotions

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