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Virtual changing rooms could boost parcel delivery services

Virtual changing rooms could boost parcel delivery services
Monday August 22 2011

Online shopping and associated parcel delivery services could be the subject of increase consumer demand thanks to a technological innovation that could simplify internet-based clothes shopping.

New virtual changing rooms, which use similar digital camera technology to the X-box Kinect, allows users to see if clothes fit before adding them to their digital shopping baskets, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Jack Benoff, vice-president of product and marketing at Zugara, which developed the online changing rooms, told the news provider that the Webcam Social "turns online clothes shopping into a fun, interactive and inherently social experience".

He added that motion capture and augmented reality technologies "replicate that offline moment at the rack where a young shopper holds a dress or blouse up to herself, turns to a friend (or the mirror) and asks 'What do you think, is this me?'".

In Europe, the number of people ordering goods for parcel delivery in the five most m-commerce-friendly countries in the EU climbed by 80 per cent in the past year alone



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