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Digital channels increasingly absorb fashion shoppers

Digital channels increasingly absorb fashion shoppers
Tuesday October 21 2014

Among connected shoppers who own a smartphone and are familiar with buying online, 52% now frequently buy fashion through digital channels, “gaining rapidly on the 61% who frequently buy through high-street stores,” says Tradedoubler in a White Paper.

The research also shows that almost half of consumers use a mobile phone to research products that are featured in TV ads, and a quarter go on to purchase them using their phone. Among tablet owners, 57% have looked up product information, with 37% completing a purchase.

As Tradedoubler points out, second screen consumers, who use the Internet on a mobile device while watching TV, can recreate the full experience of fashion shopping without leaving their living room.

“Inspiration from magazines and TV shows flows naturally through to casual browsing of blogs and content sites or more purposeful research through price comparison and loyalty sites. And the fashion-focused nature of these performance marketing channels means that consumers do not have to shift out of a fashion shopping mindset when completing a purchase through them,” the analysts write.
Tradedoubler also warns that the growing popularity of fashion shopping apps introduces a threat of showrooming, as 20% of shoppers now use a fashion app on their phone, and 18% use apps that enable them to make purchases directly from other retailers’ websites.

“The most effective solution for retailers faced with the showrooming threat is to construct offensive and defensive mobile strategies of their own, ensuring a presence on relevant mobile performance marketing channels and apps in order to secure purchases – or pull consumers in from elsewhere,” they recommend.