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eBay to help London riot police

eBay to help London riot police
Friday August 19 2011

Online auction site eBay has announced that it will help London police with their crackdown on looters, many of whom are turning to the site to sell the stolen goods.

A spokesperson for the organisation, which is the UK's most popular auction website and responsible for a huge number of door to door courier requests, said that while no unusual activity had been spotted yet, the company would be working closely with police to remove listings that feature stolen property.

eBay's spokesperson said: "Our thoughts are with the businesses and communities affected by recent events in London and around the UK."

Gumtree is another site that is working closely with police to prevent the resale of good looted from Britain's high streets.

A spokesperson for the online private ads site said: "We work closely with the police and will do everything we can to help them bring any criminals using our site in this way to justice."

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