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Brit iPhone users early adopters on mobile banking

Brit iPhone users early adopters on mobile banking
Tuesday August 23 2011

One in five Brits would pay their bills through a mobile phone if they had the choice, a recent survey reveals.

The research by Intelligent Environments (IE), a digital banking provider and part of the Parseq Group, further reveals that 25 percent of UK adults would transfer funds using a mobile phone while 36 percent would be keen to check their balances via the device.

According to the IE research, men are more likely to access banking services through a mobile phone. Almost a quarter (24 percent) of surveyed males said they would be happy to pay their bills via a phone compared to 18 percent of interviewed women. One in five men would also use a mobile phone to pay other people, such as family and friends, versus 14 percent of women.

Against the backdrop of a ‘cash-strapped’ Britain, people in the south of England are also keener to use a mobile phone to bank should they have the option. In particular, 42 percent would check their account balance, 25 percent would pay bills and 30 percent transfer funds, the survey reveals.

As studies show smartphone usage and adoption is growing, the Intelligent Environments research also provides an update on what smartphones say about their owners. According to the survey, iPhone users are eager to access banking services via their phones: 69 percent of surveyed iPhone owners would check their balance via their handsets, 46 percent of them would pay their bills and 62 percent would use their mobiles to carry out fund transfers.

As far as UK BlackBerry smartphone users are concerned, the survey reveals that they are more prudent with their cash compared to other smartphone users and the least inclined to want to receive special banking offers via their phone.

Finally, British Android smartphone users were revealed to be keen on ‘wave and pay’ purchasing: 27 percent of them would swipe their phone across a payment reader to pay for goods compared to an average 13 percent of all Britons.

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