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Online shopping habits dictated by age

Online shopping habits dictated by age
Tuesday February 9 2016

Just how are millennials’ shopping habits different from silver surfers? This guide from Google’s consumer barometer breaks down the UK shoping habits by age, and uncovers some surprising results…

16 – 24 year olds: Social & Mobile Shoppers

16-24 year old Internet users are the most likely to consult social media before purchasing (8% compared to 4% across other groups). They’re also over twice as likely to make a purchasing decision based on online video than the other age groups (15% compared to 7%). They are most to use their phones to research a purchase (38% compared with 21%) and 15% then share their purchase with their friends through social platforms.

25 – 34 year olds: Generation Search

25 - 34 year olds were the first to grow up with Search engines and are accustomed to relying on the online space for information. About 31% of the age group use the internet to look for opinions, reviews and advice, before making a decision. They are also heavy users of search engines, and like to visit retailer and brand websites before making a purchase (only group over 30%) and even rely on the Internet to get store location and directions.

35 - 44 years olds: Multi-Tasking, Multi-Screeners

35-44 year olds are the most likely to use three different screens to go online - 41% of Internet users in this generation access via computer, tablet & smartphone. An age group trying to marry busy careers with family life, they easily switch between devices and, being time poor, are also the most likely to make purchases online (53% of Internet users in this age group).

Over 55s: Silver Surfing Pros
70% of internet-browsing over 55s go online every day. The over 55s are the most likely among online researchers to use the Internet for comparison shopping (68% versus 59% average). This being said, this generation is still conservative, mainly buying products and brands based on their previous experiences. They are also most likely to use computers for shopping as opposed to tablets or smartphones.

Why UK leads Europe in its online shopping habits

• 49% of UK consumers made their last clothing purchase online, compared to 46% in France and 42% in Germany.

• We’re more likely to buy groceries online, with 16% of UK consumers doing so compared to just 3% in Europe.

• Internet users in the UK are the most likely in Europe to have only researched their last purchase online - 28% did so on average across 10 product categories compared with 18% across Europe.

• 24% of British consumers use five or more connected devices compared to 13% in Europe.

• Smartphones are now a significant way for people in the UK to do product research online - particularly for the younger generations. 38% of under 24s who researched a recent purchase online used their smartphones, (31% 25-34s, 19% 35-44s, 13% 45-54s, 3% of 55+s)