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Asda expands digital sales to Europe with HookLogic

Asda expands digital sales to Europe with HookLogic
Friday November 14 2014

Asda has partnered with ecommerce performance marketing company, HookLogic, to launch the company’s first venture into the European market as it looks to Boost Product Exposure for Brands.

The move will see the Walmart-owned firm use HookLogic’s pioneering media solution, Retail Search Exchange (RSX).

Retail Search Exchange allows brands to advertise across a network of leading ecommerce sites to increase product consideration among millions of active category shoppers. Powerful algorithms and machine learning automatically optimise every campaign for the highest ad relevance and performance, as well as delivering full sales attribution.

The company’s new European partnership with Asda adds to an impressive roster of international clients that includes Walmart, Intel, LEGO, and Reckitt Benckiser. The collaborations firmly position HookLogic as a leading provider of ecommerce search advertising in Europe.

Chris Conway, Senior Director of Ecommerce at Asda, commented: “Following the success of Walmart’s partnership with HookLogic in the US, it was an obvious decision for Asda to leverage the technology in the UK, recognising the importance of paid product listings for brands. This initiative will enable our brand partners to benefit from enhanced and proven advertising opportunities, while consumers receive highly relevant products via a seamless experience.”

Reflecting the increasing responsibilities that this launch and future international growth entails, Ben Cooper has been promoted to Managing Director, Europe. Cooper gained extensive experience from roles at Xerox Europe before joining HookLogic as Vice President & General Manager, Europe in 2007. “We are delighted to partner with Asda in launching this exciting new platform into the European market,” commented Ben Cooper.“ In the evolving world of ecommerce, paid product listings will soon become a necessity for brands, rather than an option. Our expansion in Europe is due to requests from existing clients who have benefited from outstanding results gained from working with HookLogic in the US and who are seeking an enhanced global footprint. We look forward to announcing additional partnerships very shortly.”