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The High Street still a favourite for UK consumers

The High Street still a favourite for UK consumers
Sunday January 4 2015

Almost half of UK consumers claim they still prefer to shop on the High Street instead of online, according to the results of a recent survey.

The research, performed by managed cloud company Rackspace, indicates that shoppers who venture online are frustrated by long winded search functions and too much choice. 

Over a third (34%) of shoppers will give up browsing a website after just 10 minutes if they can't find what they want and a further 26% will give up after
15 minutes.

Men are less patient in their search, with 40% prepared to spend no more than ten minutes looking for an item compared to 28% of women, the study of 2,000 UK consumers uncovered. 

As a result, 45% of shoppers would switch to another website, 35% per cent claim they would abandon their purchase entirely and 24% would hit the shops to find what they need instead.

Top consumer frustrations with online shopping include too many irrelevant pop up adverts, too many options that take too long to narrow down and search tools and filters that make it difficult to find things. Respondents felt service wasn’t as good as it is in stores and was not personalised enough for them.

Despite the fact that 80% of shoppers turn to the internet for convenience
and 56% for price, websites miss out to bricks and mortar shops because they are failing to inspire 'browsing' shoppers.

Over a third of consumers polled cited finding 'inspiration' as the main reason to shop on the High Street compared to just one in five who go online. Women are more likely to turn to the High Street for shopping inspiration (42%) compared to just 34% of men.

Additionally, the survey also shows that more women opt for online
shopping because of convenience compared to men, whereas men are more likely shop online because it's cheaper compared to women.