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Marketing to Generation Z - Methods revealed

Marketing to Generation Z - Methods revealed
Thursday April 16 2015

In the next few years, Generation Z – those born around the year 2000 – will be hitting their upper teens, entering their 20s and then embarking upon their careers. The challenge for businesses is finding a way to market to this new generation – a generation which interacts with society very differently to its predecessors.

New research from Global Messaging has revealed some interesting statistics that gives us an insight into the habits of Generation Z…

- 81% use some kind of social media

- 72% want to start their own business

- 25% left Facebook in 2014

- 66% list gaming as their main hobby

- On average they have an attention span of eight seconds

So, how can businesses connect with this new breed of consumers? As part of its research, Global Messaging has discovered new ways successful marketing campaigns are being conducted.

The top four methods are:

- Agility Marketing - Getting your hands on as much real-time data and acting on this information immediately.

- Programmatic Mobile Marketing - Using data driven software to automate online advertising.

- Snackable Content Marketing - Using bite sized, easy to digest chunks of information to grab and keep your audience’s attention.

- Text Message Marketing - Sending marketing messages directly to an opt in list via a smartphone.