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Online consumers 'increasingly influenced by TV'

Online consumers 'increasingly influenced by TV'
Thursday August 25 2011

Consumers are increasingly combining watching TV with online shopping a survey reveals.

Recent research from Deloitte and Gfk showed over half of the 4,000 shoppers surveyed admitted browsing the web while viewing TV programmes, with 45 per cent of them visiting shopping sites.

In 2010, the number of people who did not browse the web while watching TV was 39 per cent, but this had fallen to 22 per cent this year, it added.

Meanwhile, half of those aged between 18-24 who took part in the study said advertisements on television had caused them to do a search for the promoted product online.

"Today television appears to exert a significant influence on purchasing decisions made within the living room and in the high street," Jolyon Barker, global lead for technology, media & telecommunications at Deloitte explained.

"The value of that influence may well grow over time, in line with the projected growth of multichannel retail."

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