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Mobile Users Eager to Offer Their Location in Exchange for Better Content & Deals

Mobile Users Eager to Offer Their Location in Exchange for Better Content & Deals
Friday September 2 2011

According to a new report from location-based media company JiWire, 53% of the “on-the-go” U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals.

In the group of mobile consumers under the age of 34, the percentage is even greater: 60% are willing to trade their location for information. And in the U.K., it’s higher still, with 69% open to sharing their location.

JiWire has been tracking trends like this among a segment of the population it calls the “on-the-go” audience, which consists of those using notebooks, tablets and smartphones outside of the home or workplace. So to be clear, these are not universal trends that apply to all consumers – they only apply to the highly mobile user. In the mobile deals market, however, it’s a target audience whose habits are worth tracking.

The desire to exchange one’s location in return for data, including location-based sales alerts and coupons, is greater than ever, JiWire found.In terms of deals distribution, though, 38% still prefer email, while 22% prefer the web and only 19% said they want to get deals via “mobile apps.” Only a small 2% preferred receiving deals through SMS.Although email is still the top pick for deal distribution for now, it’s declining, having gone down from 52% in Q1 2011 to 38% this past quarter.

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