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Web businesses and consumers 'want faster connectivity'

Web businesses and consumers 'want faster connectivity'
Tuesday September 6 2011

Business that sell goods online via parcel delivery and the customers who buy them want higher connection speeds.

That is the opinion of Bill Murphy, managing director of next generation access for BT, who told the Guardian Tech Weekly podcast there is "no question" internet users are always after quicker data transfer.

He said that his company has already started to invest £2.5 billion to update the broadband infrastructure in the UK , which will deliver superfast connectivity to two-thirds of the country.

Today, 20 million people use high-speed internet services and this figure is growing by 25,000 a week, Mr Murphy continued.

"Businesses in particular are looking for higher speed services and also those families who have multiple users who are maybe doing gaming and using broadband for entertainment, as well as maybe working from home, so there is definitely a need for speed," the expert added.

The government and BT recently announced plans to roll out high-speed broadband access to rural and hard-to-reach communities around Britain

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