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Half of clothes shoppers buying online

Half of clothes shoppers buying online
Sunday September 11 2011

Nearly half of UK consumers prefer to buy clothes online than go to the high street, research reveals.

According to research from GSI Commerce, 45 per cent of people now prefer to go online for garments and accessories.

Consumers are also demanding a seamless experience across all channels, the survey showed, with almost nine out of ten saying they expect customer service to be aware of complaints made through any retail route.

In addition, the number of buyers who consult a fashion retailer's website for information before making a purchase stood at 64 per cent, a figure which continues to increase each year.

Hosein Moghaddas, GSI Commerce vice-president, said technological advancements have made it easier to shop for clothes on the web.

"The online fashion buying boom is long overdue, primarily due to the problem that consumers had with not being able to touch and feel items by buying online," he remarked. "However, it's clear that fashion retailers have pulled out all the stops to eliminate this issue by installing features, including advanced zoom facilities, interactive catwalks and 360 rotation options."