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PayPal unveils mobile commerce strategy

PayPal unveils mobile commerce strategy
Thursday September 15 2011

PayPal has made public its plans to roll out new features that aim to facilitate its transition from an online-only business to a provider of mainstream payments.

PayPal CEO Scott Thompson revealed in a blog post that the company’s new offering includes mobile payments, barcode scanning via handheld device, store inventory look-up and personalized location-based offers.

PayPal’s new services provide NFC-like features for businesses and consumers, however Scott Thompson’s blog post reveals that PayPal’s plans would not require merchants to adopt new infrastructure and would not make it necessary for consumers to upgrade their phones or hold a specific type of bank account. Instead, as demonstrated in a video released by PayPal, users would be allowed to carry out payments by entering a telephone number and a PIN code at the existing payment terminals or else by swiping PayPal-issued cards at the point of sale.

Paypal are exhibiting at ecommerce Expo 2011 which takes place next month at Olympia, London 11th and 12th October and features over 150 exhibitors displaying solutions and services that can help with your cross platform strategy. There is also a comprehensive seminar program. Follow this link



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