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WorldPay adds features to RiskGuardian platform.

WorldPay adds features to RiskGuardian platform.
Wednesday September 21 2011

The RiskGuardian enhancements include three new technologies designed specifically to give merchants greater capabilities in the fight against fraud.

The Merchant Custom Rules service will enable RiskGuardian customers to create their own bespoke anti-fraud rules sets for their business, based on the types and volumes of transactions the business processes.

Merchants can now implement the Transaction Simulator to test changes to existing rule sets in a simulated environment against new transactions, meaning they can understand the risk impact of these changes before they are applied to the live system. This provides customers with the opportunity to easily test different approaches to anti-fraud operations.

The new DNA parameter tracks the individual devices connecting to a merchant’s website. The parameter binds several key data elements found in the RiskGuardian transaction with extended parameters identified on the communication journey from the consumer’s PC to the merchant’s website. Once bound together, DNA will generate a unique ‘DNA ID’ validating the integrity of the device creating the transaction order.

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