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Product Focus

Product: Actinic online announces affordable payments service for its merchants

Tuesday May 15 2012

Actinic has added its own card processing system, Actinic Payments, to the range of payment providers available to Actinic Online merchants.

SciVisum Launches Intelligent Wallboard

Monday March 26 2012

Here at Scivisum we are constantly working to improve the wallboard and add new features to bring client the next level of usable, business critical, information. The latest phase of this project sees bespoke icons onto the Wallboard to give more at a glance information about the cause of errors.

SciVisum Launches Live KPI Tracking

Monday March 26 2012

As eCommerce and other online activities become increasingly business critical, KPIs relating all aspects of performance in these areas are becoming a standard part of staff and departmental performance evaluation, our latest release allows these thresholds to be plugged directly into the SciVisum Portal so that status can be seen at a glance.

Reliable delivery company plays role in sales says HoF

Reliable delivery company plays role in sales says HoF

Tuesday December 20 2011

UK retailer House of Fraser has claimed its peak e-commerce day came later this year because customers trust UK couriers to deliver their online Christmas shopping on time for the big day.

Businesses should use social media to gauge the marketplace

Friday November 4 2011

Businesses selling goods for parcel delivery online should use social media to find out what is going on in the market rather than trying to gain new customers.

Touchscreens that customers can \'feel\' are the future

Friday August 19 2011

Smartphone users who order goods for parcel delivery via their handheld device may be interested to hear that they will be able to reach out and touch items using the screens of the future.