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US: NFC retail payments will exceed $180 billion by 2017

Date: 08.03.13 | Section: News
Research from Juniper Research reveals that the global NFC retail payments market will exceed $180 billion by 2017, more than a seven-fold increase over this year.

Comment: NFC will change the way we pay, travel, shop, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Date: 28.02.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Signbox’s Mark Bartlett gives an insight into how people with NFC enabled smartphones will use their phones in a different way – with paying for goods and retrieving information becoming second nature.

Mobile global community predicts increased investment in NFC in 2012

Date: 06.01.12 | Section: News
MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce has unveiled its predictions for the year ahead.

Clear Channel chooses Singapore as the location for its first NFC-enabled smart poster network

Date: 12.10.11 | Section: News
Clear Channel Singapore is to add NFC functionality to 300 of the most influential out-of-home advertising sites in Singapore.

MNOs need partnerships and NFC handsets or will miss out on $100 billion mobile payments opportunity

Date: 04.10.11 | Section: News
Despite the analysis from other analyst companies that resign NFC payments to a hype-driven phenomenon, ABI Research predicts that these payments will soon become not only a reality, but also a mass market-adopted behaviour in the United States and Western Europe in 2016.

Google and Visa sign NFC licensing deal

Date: 21.09.11 | Section: News
Visa Inc, Visa Europe and Google have announced that Google has received a worldwide license to Visa payWave, Visa’s NFC-based payment technology.