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Brits prefer traditional TV to smartphones and tablets

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
The average viewer in the UK watched three hours and 55 minutes of TV a day in 2013, but only three minutes on mobile devices, according to new research.

The Rise of the second screeners: 16% of primetime TV viewers accessing social media at the same time

Date: 02.06.14 | Section: News
TV viewers in the US are increasingly using social networks while watching primetime shows, as brands increasingly invest in Facebook and Twitter ads to coincide with TV events, according to new research.

Royal Mail launches its first TV advertising campaign aimed at parcel business customers for almost five years.

Date: 06.03.14 | Section: News
The campaign, which will first was during England’s World Cup warm-up against Denmark on ITV1, is promoting Royal Mail’s trust amongst consumers as the parcel delivery partner for online retailers.

Sainsbury's to integrate TV adverts and mobile

Date: 01.05.12 | Section: News
Grocer to take advantage of the growth in channel integration.

Now you can \'Argos it\' through your TV

Date: 27.10.11 | Section: News
Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, has announced the addition of a dedicated Argos shopping channel enabling consumers to purchase gifts from the comfort of their sofa.

Online consumers \'increasingly influenced by TV\'

Date: 25.08.11 | Section: News
Consumers are increasingly combining watching TV with online shopping a survey reveals.