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Experts warn on smartphone take-up effects on company security risk profiles

Date: 02.10.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
News that US smartphone buyers are embracing the Google Android platform - whilst one in ten school children in the UK now have an iPhone - signals that the smartphone has become ubiquitous in our lives, says IT threat mitigation specialist,Cryptzone.

Vodafone UK teams up with Google for direct operator billing for Android service

Date: 23.08.11 | Section: News
Google has partnered with Vodafone UK to roll out a direct operator billing service for the Android Market, looking to assist developers in monetising their apps.

Android phones \'vulnerable to attack\'

Date: 24.05.11 | Section: Payment & Security
Nearly all (99.7%) of Google\'s Android phones are vulnerable to hackers, according to new research.