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Infographic: How brands can surf the information flood

Date: 06.08.13 | Section: ecommerce
With 90% of the world’s data generated in the last two years, how can brands make use of this rich source of consumer information without drowning in a flood of irrelevant information? This infographic from Evzdrop lookt at how to deal with the data deluge…

Brands ignoring 52% of devices when developing for mobile web

Date: 23.07.13 | Section: mcommerce
Brands are ignoring less popular mobile operating systems at their peril. A new report indicates that the top 10 mobile devices account for only 48% of total traffic, with regional variances leading to an increasingly broken experiences for users.

Trusted brands could benefit from mobile marketing

Date: 06.09.12 | Section: mcommerce
Nearly half of UK consumers (45 per cent) are happy to accepted branded communications through their mobile devices if it is delivered through their opt-in terms, new research shows.

Brands open up new sales channels direct to customers, despite the risks

Date: 27.04.12 | Section: News
Brands are investing heavily in selling direct to their customers and adopting a ‘wait and see’ attitude to potential pitfalls such as the risk of cannibalising their existing channels, according to recent research by eCommera.

Four retail brands among the top 10 most searched online

Date: 03.04.12 | Section: News
Facebook was the most searched for brand of 2011 in the UK according to new figures from Experian Hitwise.

Survey reveals that Millennials trust people over brands

Date: 03.02.12 | Section: News
Millennials currently in their mid-teens to mid-30s will have more spending power than any other generation by 2017

Curious online consumers can be swayed by well-timed marketing

Date: 24.11.11 | Section: News
Over half of consumers would buy from an unfamiliar brand if offered a deal

Consumers shape brands through social media

Date: 28.09.11 | Section: News
Businesses are being reminded that the people who buy from them can have an active role in shaping their brand.