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Cybertill to launch MPoS solution and showcase cloud EPoS at the 2012 Retail Business Technology Expo

Date: 08.02.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Cybertill will be showcasing its cloud based EPoS and multichannel solutions which will empower retailers to deliver an immediate and personal service to all their customers on stand 616. They will also be giving hands-on demonstrations of their new mobile EPoS solution on iPads and Android tablets.

The Cloud - Soft and Fluffy or a Serious Contender

Date: 11.05.11 | Section: News
With what appears to be limitless storage options, for many the cloud is an attractive proposition.

By Andy Cordial

How to drive out ‘seven deadly sins’ of cloud computing

Date: 16.04.11 | Section: News
If you have not implemented some sort of cloud computing in your organisation by now, it is very likely that someone else is thinking about it.

By Steve Durbin