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iOS dominates UK mobile commerce with 11.6m iPhone users making at least one purchase a month

Date: 21.07.14 | Section: News
New research from EPiServer reveals that two-thirds of iPhone owners are making regular mobile purchases, compared to less than half of Android users.

Sage Pay and MoBank partner up for mobile commerce services

Date: 19.10.12 | Section: News
Sage Pay has announced a partnership with The MoBank Group.

Survey shows growth of mobile commerce continues

Date: 17.05.12 | Section: News
Yuseo, a research and intelligence provider specialising in customer behaviour, conducted a poll of more than 13,000 regular online shoppers in the UK which found that 13 per cent of consumers use their mobile to purchase goods or services

Comment: ME Commerce - Moving your IT strategy from ‘multiple channels’ to ‘multichannel’

Date: 20.02.12 | Section: Commentator
ME commerce is a term recently coined to describe the coming together of mobile and e-commerce.

By Andy Tudor.

European E-Commerce continues to grow as mobile commerce reaches a breakthrough

Date: 15.11.11 | Section: ecommerce
The DIBS E-Commerce Survey 2011 which interviewed with 9,000 consumers in nine countries, concludes that European e-commerce grew 14% in 2011 calculated in euro.

Consumer confidence in mobile commerce rises

Date: 25.10.11 | Section: News
Ecommerce businesses offering customers the chance to purchase items on their mobile handset may have seen a significant rise in sales as fewer consumers abandon their selections.

PayPal unveils mobile commerce strategy

Date: 15.09.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
PayPal has made public its plans to roll out new features that aim to facilitate its transition from an online-only business to a provider of mainstream payments.

Facebook Commerce evolves with new version of Payvment

Date: 11.09.11 | Section: News
Facebook e-commerce platform Payvment has introduced the latest version of its social commerce service which features new capabilities aimed at larger retailers, brands and agencies.

Mobile Users Eager to Offer Their Location in Exchange for Better Content & Deals

Date: 02.09.11 | Section: mcommerce
According to a new report from location-based media company JiWire, 53% of the “on-the-go” U.S. audience is willing to exchange their location in exchange for more relevant content and better information, including mobile deals.

Tablet commerce set to overtake smartphones

Date: 30.08.11 | Section: ecommerce
Shopping for goods via parcel delivery using tablet computers could soon overtake smartphones, a new study has suggested.