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Contactless payment momentum surges in the UK

Date: 12.06.15 | Section: News
Recent numbers by Visa Europe reveal that contactless payments surged between April and May this year

UK contactless spend on the rise

Date: 20.11.13 | Section: Payment & Security
UK consumers have made 51 million contactless purchases in the last 12 months. The monthly contactless spend has also increased fivefold to GBP 45.2 million in June 2013 as consumers have become increasingly comfortable with using contactless technology, a recent report has revealed.

Contactless payment methods need to improve the customer experience

Date: 08.03.13 | Section: News
Retailers believe high street has to enhance its combined on-line and off-line offer

Barcelona to roll out major contactless drive

Date: 30.01.12 | Section: News
La Caixa has partnered with Visa Europe on a major contactless payments push in Barcelona, rolling out cards, point-of-sale terminals and ATMs featuring the technology across the city.

Contactless payments to come of age during Olympics

Date: 13.01.12 | Section: News
The Olympics is widley predicted to be the catalyst for the take-up of contactless payments.

Consumers see contactless as a stepping stone to mobile payments

Date: 30.12.11 | Section: Payment & Security
2012 set to be the tipping point for mainstream contactless adoption

Quicktap app turns mobiles into credit cards

Date: 24.05.11 | Section: mcommerce
Orange and Barclaycard have launched ‘Quick Tap’, a contactless mobile payment service which allows consumers to make purchases on the high street using their mobile phone for the first time.

Survey reveals education is critical to adoption of contactless payments

Date: 24.05.11 | Section: Payment & Security
Three quarters of British consumers feel that they need more education on contactless technology before they start paying with contactless debit and credit cards or mobile phones, according to a new research study.