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Morrisons launches customer data drive with Quidco

Date: 07.08.14 | Section: News
Supermarket Morrisons has launched an exclusive campaign with Quidco, harnessing member data to acquire new customers for its recently launched online food delivery service.

Comment: E-commerce companies need to be doing more than simply paying lip-service to data quality

Date: 29.01.14 | Section: News
Too many businesses are viewing 'Big Data' as merely a trend and are not extracting long-term value from it.

By Wolfram Bosman, Omikron Data Quality GmbH

New data sources to help retailers stock for “forgotten fifth” of shoppers

Date: 23.07.13 | Section: ecommerce
Emerging ‘big data’ to tell retailers what they COULD sell on- and off-line by stocking the right sizes, in the right places, at the right time

Costs of data breach rises 68% in five years for UK businesses

Date: 26.03.12 | Section: Payment & Security
Employee negligence responsible for 36% of all data breaches

DataCash launches White Label Payment Gateway service for banks and processors

Date: 13.03.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
DataCash has announced the launch of the DataCash White Label Payment Gateway service, which will allow global banks and processors to provide market-leading DataCash payment, fraud and risk management technology to their global merchant customer base, utilising their own brand.

58% rise in data protection breaches

Date: 01.03.12 | Section: News
Annual statistics released by the Information Commissioner's Office show there has been a 58% increase in data protection breaches by companies in the private sector

Comment: 2011 is Proving that PCI DSS is working; however there are challenges to be overcome

Date: 30.01.12 | Section: Commentator
Recent figures from the UK Cards Association showed that banking industry initiatives, including PCI have been successful in decreasing the volume of card and bank account fraud.

By Jeremy King, European Director, PCI Security Standards Council

Gartner survey shows 18 per cent of respondents are not PCI-Compliant

Date: 06.01.12 | Section: Payment & Security
PCI data security standards may be a hot topic, but a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. found that 18 percent of respondents admitted to not being PCI-compliant, even though the survey data suggested that they should be.

Comment: In the aftermath of the DigiNotar, Comodo and RSA Breaches - What Have We Learned?

Date: 23.11.11 | Section: Commentator
When a company prides itself in providing the most advanced and sophisticated network security solutions—and that company’s own network is hacked—brand insult is added to data injury.

By Gregory Webb, Director of Marketing, Venafi

Online shoppers urged to be safe as ecommerce accelerates

Date: 08.11.11 | Section: Payment & Security
Smartphone users who shop online could be at risk of downloading malware as the internet retail market grows, a new report suggests.