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White Paper Reveals How Online Retailers can successfully use Google Shopping

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
Given the sheer number of ecommerce stores available in the UK, gaining visibility and expanding online presence through external channels, such as Google Shopping, has become one of the main daily challenges for online retailers.

Facebook and Twitter play key role in Google search rankings research reveals.

Date: 19.06.12 | Section: News
The number of Facebook and Twitter shares a website accumulates is playing an increasingly crucial role in determining their Google search ranking, according to new research.

Google to tackle fake reviews with spam detection tool

Date: 27.04.12 | Section: News
Google is tackling the growing problem of fake reviews, researching new spam detection software to prevent people ‘gaming the system’ with bogus ratings to drive traffic and sales online.

Google has launched its affiliate network in the UK.

Date: 10.04.12 | Section: News
Advertisers will be able to sign up partner businesses to sell their services or products online, and be paid for every tangible result they achieve with their ads.

Stories from the Daily Mail and Telegraph web sites get most Google +1 recommendations

Date: 26.03.12 | Section: News
Financial Times has the largest number of followers on Google+, with no official presence for The Times, The Sun, Daily Express or Daily Star

Google Chrome hacked for first time at $1m 'Bug Bounty' contest

Date: 12.03.12 | Section: News
Google's browser was hacked within only five minutes as part of an annual security contest, thanks to a team of French hackers and a Russian student.

Google expands Call Metrics to UK AdWords customers

Date: 31.10.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
Google has expanded its Call Metrics service to UK AdWords customers, letting advertisers track leads generated by phone numbers used in their campaigns.

Six steps to successful SEO – Step 2 – Know your enemy

Date: 10.10.11 | Section: News
In my last article, I gave an overview of SEO. Now it’s time to move onto the ‘action’ stage.

By Clare Green.

Google introduces trusted stores scheme

Date: 06.10.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
The scheme\'s main aim is to reduce the risks associated with online shopping by helping consumers locate online stores with excellent customer service.

M86 Security Labs warn of new Google AdWords phishing attack

Date: 05.10.11 | Section: News
Online traders warned to be extra vigilant when using Adwords.