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26% of global online transactions now on mobile

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
Research reveals a Q4 2014 surge in mobile payment share of online transactions

Online shopping habits dictated by age

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
Just how are millennials’ shopping habits different from silver surfers? This guide from Google’s consumer barometer breaks down the UK shoping habits by age, and uncovers some surprising results…

UK retailers targeting overseas customers with improved online shopping experience

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
The research by Micros shows that UK retailers are offering more delivery options to overseas shoppers. Of the retailers tested in this year’s research, 31% had a standard and an express delivery service for international customers, up from 18% in 2012.

Survey: online browsing boosts the high street

Date: 07.05.15 | Section: News
Britons are still shopping on the high street and could be encouraged to do so by online browsing, according to a recent survey.

One in six online bargain hunters caught by counterfeit goods

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
As consumers continue to bargain hunt in digital channels, consumers appear to be less likely to stumble upon a rogue site but are likely to be duped by the perceived ‘quality’ of rogue sites if they encounter them, with one in six bargain hunters displaying an intent to purchase in that scenario.

Television sales fall for first time in 60 years as online video rises

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
The number of houses in Britain with a television set has fallen for the first time since the 1950s as viewers switch to tablets, PCs and other devices to watch video, according to new research.

White Paper Reveals How Online Retailers can successfully use Google Shopping

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
Given the sheer number of ecommerce stores available in the UK, gaining visibility and expanding online presence through external channels, such as Google Shopping, has become one of the main daily challenges for online retailers.

Mobile more effective than online for in-store insights

Date: 04.01.15 | Section: News
The results of a new study have found that in-store market research on mobile delivers richer insights than traditional desktop methodologies.

Asda to expand online business

Date: 10.09.14 | Section: News
Asda has unveiled plans to grow its online business by expanding its home shopping and click and collect service over the next four years.

Young shoppers will spend £5.7bn online in 2014

Date: 10.09.14 | Section: News
New research has shown that young shoppers are set to spend £5.7 billion online in 2014.