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Online shopping habits dictated by age

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
Just how are millennials’ shopping habits different from silver surfers? This guide from Google’s consumer barometer breaks down the UK shoping habits by age, and uncovers some surprising results…

UK retailers targeting overseas customers with improved online shopping experience

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
The research by Micros shows that UK retailers are offering more delivery options to overseas shoppers. Of the retailers tested in this year’s research, 31% had a standard and an express delivery service for international customers, up from 18% in 2012.

Improving product returns presents biggest opportunity for retailers wishing to increase online shopping satisfaction

Date: 07.08.12 | Section: News
New Customer Experience Study Provides Insight Into the Factors that Make for a Happy Online Shopper

US Mastercard Survey reveals where online shopping can improve

Date: 01.05.12 | Section: News
A survey by MasterCard in the US found that entering payment, billing and shipping information is one of the most common sources of frustration for online shoppers.

UK shoppers abandoned £1bn worth of online shopping baskets in 2011

Date: 19.04.12 | Section: News
£214m worth of net lost revenue for UK retailers.

'Unfair' online shopping charges to be axed

Date: 03.01.12 | Section: News
The government has announced new regulations on credit card surcharges.

Visa prepares for busiest online shopping day

Date: 23.12.11 | Section: News
Visa has predicted that today (December 23rd) will see a record number of people shop online.

US: Black Friday online shopping sales surge 26 per cent

Date: 02.12.11 | Section: ecommerce
U.S. online retailers reported an even stronger start to the holiday shopping season than brick-and-mortar stores.

New Asda app encourages online shopping and delivery

Date: 22.11.11 | Section: News
Asda has launched its first transactional mobile app.

December 4th forecast as \'Super Sunday\'for Online shopping says eBay.

Date: 07.11.11 | Section: News
eBay is predicting a surge in consumers doing their Christmas shopping online on Sunday December 4th.