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Square expands beyond payments with Bookfresh appointment booking tool

Date: 06.03.14 | Section: News
Square, a payment solutions provider, is moving beyond creating technological solutions to help retailers accept payments. The company has recently acquired Bookfresh, a provider of software that allows business to book appointments with customers online.

Ecommerce platform brings PayPal website payments pro to 10,000+ new online shops

Date: 29.01.14 | Section: News
Users of ecommerce platform can now offer their customers the chance to pay for products and services using the PayPal Website Payments Pro payment gateway, meaning that an additional 10,000+ websites could be selling online using this trusted and widely-recognised payments service.

Card payments to overtake cash within 10 years

Date: 20.11.13 | Section: Payment & Security
Card payments are expected to overtake cash in the next decade as a result of a continuing shift in the way consumers spend their money, recent findings indicate.

US: NFC retail payments will exceed $180 billion by 2017

Date: 08.03.13 | Section: News
Research from Juniper Research reveals that the global NFC retail payments market will exceed $180 billion by 2017, more than a seven-fold increase over this year.

BRC annual payments survey reveals cash use up in tough times

Date: 12.06.12 | Section: News
Paying with cash is more common than a year ago and accepting customers' payments by cash is, on average, 24 times cheaper for retailers than credit card payments.

Product: Actinic online announces affordable payments service for its merchants

Date: 15.05.12 | Section: Product Focus
Actinic has added its own card processing system, Actinic Payments, to the range of payment providers available to Actinic Online merchants.

Alternative Payments to rise exponentially by 2015

Date: 09.05.12 | Section: News
Technology, a new generation of shoppers and developing online economies driving the demand for alternative payments

Retail Business Technology Expo and Cards & Payments Solutions 2012 achieves dramatic growth

Date: 16.03.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Attendance up 46% on last year’s event

Vodat to launch Unified Payments solution at The Retail Business Technology Expo

Date: 22.02.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Vodat International is launching its fully managed Unified Payments solutions at this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo, and invites you to come and find out what no one wants to tell you about payments management.

Kensington to Showcase Locks for Retail Terminals and Devices at Retail Business Technology Expo and Cards & Payments Solutions 2012

Date: 22.02.12 | Section: Retail Business Technology Expo 2012
Kensington Computer Products Group today announced that it will showcase its range of physical security devices for chip and PIN machines, retail terminals and printers as well as its ClickSafe and SecureBack locks for notebooks and tablets at Retail Business Technology Expo and Cards & Payments Solutions 2012 in London, 13th -14th March.