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Retail - The fastest growing usage category on smartphones in Italy

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
Mobile accounted for 48,000,000 users in Italy during the three-month average ending November 2013, according to new research.

Slow retail sites cause 1 in 3 to shop elsewhere

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
A third of Brits would abandon a retailer’s mobile website or app if it didn’t load within just three seconds, and look to shop elsewhere, according to new research.

Retailers to spend more on technology this year

Date: 09.02.16 | Section: News
More than half of retailers plan to spend more on technology in 2015 than last year, according to survey

Retailers trial mobile marketing platform

Date: 04.01.15 | Section: News
Retailers use recently launched proximity marketing platform to enhance localised consumer communications

Retail websites three times slower than standard

Date: 02.07.14 | Section: News
New research finds bigger is not always better when it comes to e-commerce website communications infrastructures and the response times they offer customers

Nine out of ten retail sales to be driven by a presence on the high street

Date: 27.04.14 | Section: News
High street stores are predicted to drive 89% of all retail sales, whether online or offline, by 2020 according to research released O2.

Global airport retail market set to rise by 72.9% over next five years

Date: 06.03.14 | Section: News
The global airport retail market is set to reach $59.2bn in 2019 – a rise of 72.9% on 2013. This will be driven by stronger passenger growth (27.4% rise in the period) as well as growing affluence in emerging markets which will boost spend.

Retailers should prepare for last minute Valentine’s Day purchases

Date: 11.02.14 | Section: News
Almost half of Brits are buying Valentine’s gifts the day before or on the day, reveals Give as you Live

Online retail customer service needs to improve as one in three consumers have made purchases elsewhere after receiving bad service

Date: 30.01.14 | Section: News
New survey highlights need for better use of customer data, as 40 per cent get frustrated when retailers do not know who they are despite previous contact in another channel

Comment: What will drive retail technology in 2014?

Date: 29.01.14 | Section: News
Whilst many retailers in the UK have had a tough run in 2013, there have been some great success stories where retailers have improved their multichannel customer interactions.

By Ben Gale, Vice President Sales, The Logic Group