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Brits abandoning 'traditional' social networks for WhatsApp and Snapchat say Ofcom

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
Britons are ditching 'traditional' social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in their millions, whilst Whatsapp and Snapchat rise according to Ofcom data.

Online Social Networks – Launch pads for Malware

Date: 04.11.11 | Section: News
With the advent of social networks, the online world has become a virtual society.
By Aditya K Sood and Richard J Enbody

Friends, fiends and Facebook: a new front line in the war on social media scams

Date: 05.10.11 | Section: News
Scammers to add variety, precision to existing attacks after f8 changes

SME\'s to spend more marketing budget online

Date: 27.06.11 | Section: News
Nearly a third (65%) of UK SMEs have an annual marketing budget of less than £5,000, with many small businesses failing to set a budget at all, according to a new poll.

UK turning to social media to talk about brands

Date: 24.05.11 | Section: News
A growing number of the UK population are using social media to express their opinions about brands and companies, according to a new poll.