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Twitter least effective customer service channel for UK brands, according to new study

Date: 04.04.14 | Section: News
Eptica research of top 100 companies finds customer experience ‘average’ across web, email and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter play key role in Google search rankings research reveals.

Date: 19.06.12 | Section: News
The number of Facebook and Twitter shares a website accumulates is playing an increasingly crucial role in determining their Google search ranking, according to new research.

Study finds that Facebook and Twitter symbols subconsciously influence online buying decisions

Date: 12.03.12 | Section: News
The display of a social media icon such as a Facebook “Like” button or a Twitter symbol on a shopping website increases the likelihood that consumers will buy some products, and reduces the likelihood that they will buy others.

Twitter expands advertising program to Smartphones

Date: 07.03.12 | Section: mcommerce
Twitter is expanding its ad program to iPhone and Android handsets, as the company gets more aggressive about ramping up revenue.

Amazon UK leads retailers in positive Post-Christmas feedback on Twitter

Date: 07.02.12 | Section: News
Positive tweets and customer interaction highlights importance of the channel to e-tailers

Online Social Networks – Launch pads for Malware

Date: 04.11.11 | Section: News
With the advent of social networks, the online world has become a virtual society.
By Aditya K Sood and Richard J Enbody

Businesses should use social media to gauge the marketplace

Date: 04.11.11 | Section: Product Focus
Businesses selling goods for parcel delivery online should use social media to find out what is going on in the market rather than trying to gain new customers.

ecommerce expo 2011 - Twitter communications between PRs and journalists more focused using Hacktweets

Date: 11.10.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
Journalists and PRs can now communicate more effectively via Twitter using Hacktweets, a new free beta service from Parker, Wayne & Kent.

Global Twitter Ad Revenues to Near $400 Million by 2013

Date: 05.10.11 | Section: News
Twitter will earn $139.5 million in global ad revenues this year, up 210% from $45 million in 2010, according to a new forecast from eMarketer.

Twitter told to get more serious about spam and malware

Date: 26.09.11 | Section: News
As spammers take advantage of the first UK brand-promoted tweets and trends, IT security firm Sophos is advising Twitter that it\'s time to step up the fight against malware and spam to protect both their users and their paying corporate customers