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Television sales fall for first time in 60 years as online video rises

Date: 16.04.15 | Section: News
The number of houses in Britain with a television set has fallen for the first time since the 1950s as viewers switch to tablets, PCs and other devices to watch video, according to new research.

Mobile and video emerge as significant online ad platforms in the UK

Date: 20.09.11 | Section: News
1 in 4 Smartphone Users Are Exposed to Mobile Advertising and Nearly 2 Out of 3 Online Video Viewers Are Exposed to Video Ads

Mobile and Video Emerge As Significant Online Ad Platforms in the UK

Date: 02.09.11 | Section: mcommerce
1 in 4 Smartphone users are exposed to mobile advertising and nearly 2 out of 3 online video viewers are exposed to video ads.

Video commerce will \'revolutionise\' online retail

Date: 19.08.11 | Section: News
Video commerce will transform the way consumers buy goods online for parcel delivery, an expert has suggested.