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61% of all web traffic ‘not human’

Date: 23.02.14 | Section: News
Nearly two thirds (61.5%) of all web traffic around the world comes from bots- both good and bad- according to new research.

Webinar: Vehicles, Parts and Accessories: The changing landscape and how best to optimise the upcoming changes to eBay

Date: 24.05.12 | Section: News
Following the recent launch of the Official Nissan Merchandise and Accessories shop on eBay, Silvia Kirilova Pentagon Interactive and Matthew Dean, eSellerPro will be hosting a webinar to explore the changing landscape of vehicles, parts and accessories.

Stories from the Daily Mail and Telegraph web sites get most Google +1 recommendations

Date: 26.03.12 | Section: News
Financial Times has the largest number of followers on Google+, with no official presence for The Times, The Sun, Daily Express or Daily Star

EU cookie law is bad for the web says 82% of digital marketers

Date: 20.03.12 | Section: News
82% of digital marketers think the EU cookie law is ‘bad’ for the web according a recent poll undertaken by Econsultancy, publisher of digital marketing and e-commerce best practice and insight.

The Co-operative Pharmacy chooses Maginus to design and build new web site

Date: 03.10.11 | Section: eCommerce Expo 2011
The Co-operative Pharmacy has selected Maginus to design and build its new website.

Research finds SQL injection attacks bypass web security

Date: 23.09.11 | Section: Payment & Security
Hackers execute an average 71 SQL injection attacks per hour to steal data.

Google to make in-app payments open to all web application developers

Date: 09.09.11 | Section: News
Google has rolled out its in-app payment service for any web developer to integrate with their web apps wherever they’re hosted, including the Chrome Web Store.

Web businesses and consumers \'want faster connectivity\'

Date: 06.09.11 | Section: News
Business that sell goods online via parcel delivery and the customers who buy them want higher connection speeds.

Web shoppers reveal pet hates

Date: 27.06.11 | Section: News
A new survey from Apptus and YouGov reveals that consumers show little forgiveness towards poor eCommerce sites but reward those that perform well and provide them with timely, personalised offers.
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